play to win


Basic RPG machine gun

2% Marketing fee



Q1 - 2022

  • Deployment of the LBT token on the Binance Smart Chain test-net
  • Launching the online website with the basics about LEGENDSBATTLE, releasing the Presentation paper.
  • Auditing our different smart contracts by the Solidproof
  • Doing KYC procedures of the LEGENDSBATTLE Team members.
  • Listing over CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko
  • Huge Marketing Campaign
  • Presale Launch and Liquidity Locked
  • Releasing the Teaser for the launch of the LEGENDSBATTLE Alpha.

Q2 - 2022

  • Starting the development, testing the base gameplay, game servers, and block chains links.
  • Working on the 3D Modelling of the LEGENDSBATTLE Universe.
  • Doing the Level-Design of cities, mine, working on the Lore of the game.
  • Preparing the Proof-Of-Concept of the Game using Unity WebGL,Node.js
  • Preparing the Proof-Of-Concept of the Game using Unity WebGL,Node.js

Q3 - 2022

  • Guilds system to team up with your mates with daily/weekly objectives to reach for rewards or bonus rates.
  • Adding an event system season with special unique NFT’s with specific new bosses (new limited cosmetic…).
  • DAO governance to vote on event themes, next milestones on the roadmap to achieve, and nerf or upgrades to make in-game gameplay updates (capped by wallet in terms of percentage).
  • Visual design in-game for statistics and information on LBT value and price moves.
  • Online ladders to see all players, their e-levels and reputations + uniqueness of inventories NFTs

Q4 - 2022

  • PVP system, dual between players in-game to compete and bets a certain amount of LBT in the fight, the winner wins the entire bet.
  • Integration of a Legendsbattle Proof-Of-Stake blockchain to reduce at maximum fees for playing.
  • More unique dungeons and epic items / Legendsbattle to loot in the mine.



Stake your LegendsBattle NFT at the farm. It will generate LBT tokens for you every block.

Defeat the invaders to win valuable items, you can sell these items for LBT tokens or keep them to increase strength in the next battles.

You can Buy or Sell LBT NFT to everyone on a completely decentralized NFT open market.

Each Sell transaction will be charged a 8% fee. The charge would be automatically added to the Liquidity, marketing wallet, holders Reflection and buyback.

2% tax will be collected for buyback


Distribution of Token will take place 30 minutes after Presale ends.You will be able to claim the purchased $LBT Tokens

Frequently Asked

The following is symptomatic to the information requested by community members and a brief outlook for the future of $LBT!

3D NFT Multiverse Web Game On Blockchains A new innovative Play to Earn experience

For desktop, it is not recommended to use anything other than MetaMask, although any DAPP browser should work. For mobile, most DAPP browsers will work but Trust Wallet typically provides the best and most seamless experience.

We have been doxxed and audited by solidproof who will release our full identification if there's an exit scam or rug pull to provide you with extra confidence in our project. The audit can be found on their site and GitHub

Yes, liquidity will be locked for 11 Months before launching LBT after successfully completing of the presale.